Seen Through A Glass Darkly – Selected for the Professional Photographer of the Year 2012 prize!

Here is what the delightful Vicky Chau, prize sponsor, said about my work. I like her already 🙂 By the way, if you’d like to buy any of these fine art prints you can do so in my online shop here“There’s something about seeing a photograph shot through a window that gives you a slight tingle, as if you’re peeping into a scene that you shouldn’t. That voyeuristic nature has been captured in a classic street photography fashion by Fiona Campbell, whose Martin Parr-esk shots with a 90s twist made me take note. This portfolio of shots has been cleverly constructed to demonstrate the same theme but through three different scenarios. An intriguing set of work that glimmers all kinds of emotions: laughter, sorrow, wonder, and makes me want to explore her reportage photography even more.”Vicky Chau, Owner, Chaudigital.