So the big news here in case you haven’t heard is that Fiona Campbell Photography has moved. To delicious, boutiquey Islington, no less. We are now just behind the Almeida Theatre, in Milner Square, and Ottolenghi’s is but a cappuccino’s throw away. And just down the road on Cross Street is Nicola Adams delightful boutique, Tallulah. I’m in heaven!If you haven’t heard of this delectable lingerie store, get yourself down to Nicola Adam’s magical store straight away. All their bridal lingerie is made to measure, and drop dead gorgeous with the finest filaments of lace. Prices start from £135 for a slip.I learnt something I didn’t know too. This is peak season for lingerie. Apparently most brides get their lingerie sorted about now. Then give me a call and book yourself a magnificent photoshoot as a present for your fiancé. http://tallulah-lingerie.co.uk/index.html