The day before the Big Day – why wedding photography is 90% behind the scenes

So, today is a wonderful sunny day and for once I am actually experiencing that elusive thing, ‘the work-life balance’. I think this is as good as it gets; working hard at a job I love, with a little downtime for family and friends. Tomorrow I’m shooting the wedding of Joanna and Jason, so yesterday was a hectic runaround to make sure that everything was in place. You see, a lot goes in to photographing a wedding and like an iceberg 90% of it is behind the scenes. I train 5-6 days per week to make sure that I am physically at peak fitness to carry heavy kit for long hours and still remain good humoured, organised and creative. I also practice photography between weddings, so that I can experiment  and keep myself creatively open. Then of course there’s all the editing (usually about 6 days per wedding), engagement shoots and designing wedding books.Two days before the wedding I like to have a very practical day. Camera back from its service, with a clean sensor and all components in good working order? Check. Glasses repaired? Check.  (the dramatic snapping of my glasses was Wednesday’s drama! Now I am the proud owner of two pairs of glasses, two cameras, and two eyes. Plus a fantastic sidekick, Francesca – although of course I don’t own her!). Shoes shined? Check. Dress ironed? Check. High energy snacks packed ready for a long challenging day tomorrow? Check. It all means that I am fully prepared to do a fantastic job on Saturday. Because above all what I love doing is creating fantastic wedding photography. Good wedding photography is about so many aspects, and preparation is one very important ingredient.Today is the day before the wedding and it’s a rest day. I don’t train, so that tomorrow I will have bags of energy and enthusiasm to run around. I check through the schedule and the shot list and I make sure that I know exactly what’s happening tomorrow and later today I will chat to Francesca to make sure she’s on board with everything. Mostly today I let my mind relax so that I’m in a truly creative space for tomorrow.Here are some irises – the flower of creativity so they say!