Why don’t you… have a date night off from wedding planning (or with your friends)

If you’re planning a wedding it’s easy for date night to fly out of the window. But any relationship needs a chance for play and romance and if you’re engaged in a major project (for us it’s house renovations) then you need some time out where the subject is banned. Here’s one of my favourite dates in London.Head to the National Portrait Gallery for Thursday or Friday Late Shift http://www.npg.org.uk/whatson/lateshift/late_shift_home.php. At the moment they’ve got Man Ray showing, which is not a bad way to start your evening with a glamorous, 1920s Dada vibe. Or go and have a look at Kate Middleton. Hilary Mansel didn’t like the new portrait (I love Kate but I have to say I agree – it’s not so flattering!) but see what you think. I particularly enjoyed one of the side rooms, which had a number of actors posed as if they were acting out the Last Supper. http://www.npg.org.uk/collections/search/portraitLarge/mw227557/Actors-Last-Supper Maybe a bit of inspiration for a future shoot.When you’ve done being cultural pop upstairs. Now this is very important. Do not go downstairs to the weird little cupboard thing that serves as a cafe for those who haven’t been enlightened. You must seek out the top floor restaurant. http://www.npg.org.uk/visit/shop-eat-drink/restaurant.php It’s run by Searcy’s – one of my favourite wedding food suppliers incidentally – and once you’ve got past the slightly grumpy receptionist you are in a magical land of wonder. Delicious food and a unique, delectable view. Be warned though. They stop serving at 20.30 so get your orders in early. Then you can pop home for an early night or carry on painting the town your favourite colour. Milk and Honey http://www.mlkhny.com/london/ is a speakeasy and they do fabulous cocktails (book ahead).If this inspires you to create your own date night let me know in the comments section or send me your own suggestions for date night!